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Background: Acupressure is thought to promote blood flow and the release of neurotransmitters, thereby maintaining the body's regular functions and offering a sense of well-being. Nevertheless, there is limited scientific evidence to substantiate the beneficial impacts of Acupressure in the realm of obstetric healthcare. Purpose of the study: To assess the impact of applying Acupressure at the LI4 acupoint on the pain experienced by women in the initial stage of labor. Research design: An experimental study with a pretest and posttest control group design. A total of 100 women were randomly assigned to two groups. Each group received LI4 Acupressure or light skin stroking. Setting :It was the obstetric unit of El-Shouhdaa hospital, Menoufia Governorate, in Egypt. Data: collected through an interviewing questionnaire, Visual Analogue Scale and, McGill questionnaire part I (VAS and MPQ Part 1). Methods: labor pain was assessed four times using labor pain scales (VAS and MPQ Part 1) before, immediately after, 30 and 60 minutes after the intervention. Findings: A considerable decrease in labor pain during the active phase of the first stage of labor among the two groups with the more pain reduction with Acupressure. Conclusions: The application of LI4 Acupressure demonstrated effectiveness in alleviating labor pain in the active phase of the initial stage of labor.

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Labor pain, Acupressure, LI4 acupoint, VAS, MPQ

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